Are you ready to… [rotate these answers: automate your sales process? / take advantage of email marketing? / share your knowledge with more people? / be seen as an authority in your field?]

Hey friend!

Do you feel like your brain is always being picked by people,
for free?



Not that long ago, we were having “coffee connections” with people, and we're freely sharing our knowledge and expertise.

It was the same expertise that paying clients would receive. We were giving it away for free, and it was costing us hours of our time.

So, we decided to turn these 1-1 “brain-picking sessions” into

a live group Masterclass connected to a registration form and an email sequence.

The “brain picking” portion was still free, but now we were expanding our reach, building our authority, and growing our email list at the same time.

What we're giving you is...

a series of short bite-sized videos + a fillable PDF workbookng you is...

or coaches, consultants, team builders, business leaders, wellness professionals, and creative freelancers of all kinds…

Solve a problem. Establish your authority. Build an email list. Launch new products. Expand your reach. Grow your business.

I know that you’re in service to the world.

You have insight and commitment. You solve problems and give advice.

This list-building strategy – smartly designed for you to use as a new marketing tool regardless of whether you're already actively list-building, only have an old outdated email list or have no list at all.

We’ll be supporting you every step of the way.

Where do you fit?

Traditional Service Provider

You’re an accountant, broker, agent, financial planner, recruiter, or in another traditional role looking to stand out in your industry.

Coaches + Consultants

Your offerings are unique to your interests, knowledge, and skillset and you seek to educate and inspire by sharing your gifts and experience using a variety of online tools.

Creative Freelancers

You’re a copywriter, graphic designer, social media manager, marketing expert, or other creative looking to establish your brand, highlight your own unique skillset, and separate yourself from the masses.

On a personal note

A message from Vicky + Ange

Praise from our live training


I'd been looking for a solution for a landing page system that wasn't too far out of my budget, yet not completely "Do-It-Yourself". Ange and Vicky are very easygoing and helpful. Their personal attention was very important to me.

Araceli Hernandez
Transition Wealth Advisor


Omgosh! I'm just going through the nurture sequence y'all created for our Pageburger accounts! It's pretty freakin' fabulous. It would take me forever to do this myself and it would never sound that good. Thank you!

Carole Parsons
YouTube Video Strategist

Why a live free Masterclass?

There are 2 reasons we promote a live free Masterclass over other kinds of free resources.


People who show up to your Masterclass, or who even just sign up to attend, are interested in learning how YOU can help them solve their problem.

And people who put forth the intention to attend a live Masterclass are quality leads.

You need fewer quality leads to make a stronger impact on your business.

1-TO-1 VS. 1-TO-MANY

1-1 consultations are time-consuming. If you can solve the same problem for many people in the same amount of time, this is being time-efficient.

People like to feel a part of something. Hosting group masterclasses shows your participants that they aren't alone with their problem. That others experience it too. This provides a sense of relief and may encourage people to take the next step if they see others taking the next step too.

Offering Masterclasses takes some of the pressure off of sales calls. If you establish your authority and expertise during the Masterclass, sales calls get easier and less time-intensive.

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Why would you want to give away your expertise to a "brain-picker" in exchange for their email address?

If someone picks your brain, they’re a good candidate to market your paid services to at a later date, when they’re ready to buy.

So if you can consistently find more brain-pickers,

you’ll have found yourself a steady stream of warm leads.

And having warm leads on an email list is how you take advantage of email marketing and grow your network.

44:1 is the average ROI for email marketing

Email marketing is the single most lucrative form of online marketing.

And you don’t have to rely on a third-party platform like you do with social media.

You are the sole owner of your email list.

And an email list is any online business owner’s most valuable asset.

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We want to teach you how to offer your own Masterclass so that you can turn “brain-pickers” into warm leads, and in so doing, start building your email list.

Let me introduce our


This is a step-by-step video course that shows you how to build an email list of brain-pickers (aka warm leads) that you can market to at a later date, and who will be more likely to say “yes” when you present them with your paid offers or when they realize they need your paid service.

This course will shift the way you think about “getting leads”.

Instead of pitching your services, start solving problems.

This training is for you if…

You’re a professional service provider, freelancer, or online creative.

You already solve problems for people in your audience, for free.

You’ve been wanting to host Masterclasses as part of your marketing/branding strategy, but something's been holding you back (the tech maybe?)

You know that you can 5x your income, and you’re ready to put this plan in motion.

You’re ready to start automating portions of your sales process, and of your business in general.

You want to do all this by following a system that’s already been proven to work for others like you.

You understand the importance of copywriting when marketing any of your services, and you’d like to have templates and scripts you can just customize to reflect your own unique offers.

You’d like an easier way to successfully pre-qualify clients that is less time-intensive than 1-1 sales calls.

You want to present offers and sell your services without feeling stressed, sleazy, or icky about it.